About Us

Ultimate Diagnostics understands the importance of utilizing the expertise and knowledge of well-educated individuals in order to properly diagnose medical conditions. For this reason, our staff is both up-to-date on the many orthopedic and neurological issues that countless people suffer from and the symptoms that cause them. Along with the technology specifically designed to test for various types of medical issues, we do our best to properly confirm the diagnoses for which you’ve received a referral.

What is Orthopedic Neurology?

To those unfamiliar with orthopedic neurology, it may come as a surprise of just how intertwined these two medical fields are. Orthopedics deals with the study and treatment of human bones. Neurology is more concerned in dealing with disorders of the nervous system. How do these two go hand-in-hand? At Ultimate Diagnostics, we help determine issues with the nervous system caused by bone structures through the use of state-of-the-art machinery and knowledge of several medical issues relating to this very complicated part of the human body.

How We Work

For anyone dealing with tingling or numbing sensations in the body, a visit to a doctor is always recommended. After being diagnosed with a particular issue that’s causing your condition, you’ll be referred to us. Through the use of our equipment and knowledgeable staff’s judgment, a diagnosis can be confirmed.

There are two primary orthopedic/neurological issues that we help confirm diagnoses for:

  • Disc Herniation – This type of medical problem results when there’s an issue with one or more discs between the vertebrae that make up your spinal column. This condition can also affect the neck. Pain can be felt in the lower back, arms, shoulders and legs. Numbness, weakness and tingling are also common.
  • Radiculopathy – This issue is caused by the compression of an exiting nerve from the spinal column. Pain, numbness, weakness and tingling in the arms and legs are common.

Our Licensed Physical Therapist

At Ultimate Diagnostics, our licensed physical therapist fully understands that a patient’s well-being should never be treated lightly. When someone suffers extreme physical injuries or bodily issues caused by disease, physical therapists can help them either fully recover from or by helping them manage their condition. That’s why when you’ve been referred to us by your doctor, we’ll do what we can to make sure if your diagnosis is 100% correct.

Your Referral

When diagnosed with a medical ailment by a specialist, you may receive a referral to have their findings confirmed. That’s where Ultimate Diagnostics comes in. Our licensed physical therapist and neurologist will do what they can with the many resources at their disposal to ensure that you’ve been diagnosed correctly before any form of treatment is prescribed to you.

We do this for herniated discs, radiculopathies and other neurological/orthopedic conditions through the use of electromyographies (EMGs) and nerve conduction studies (NCSs). Undergoing further testing after visiting a doctor can seem like a lot of work, but know that’s it’s done for your well-being and benefit. We will then interpret the results we’ve reached with you to help you understand whether or not a diagnosis was correctly made.

In Good Care

It may be a bit frightening to think that there may be something wrong with your spine or neck. Although dealing with these issues can seem overwhelming, it’s best to have your diagnosis confirmed by a team of professionals who want nothing more than to see you have peace of mind.